Buy Stones, Sell Stones, Go to China, Find Water Heads


"Buy stones, sell stones, go to China and look for water head", Shuitou Town, Nan'an City, Fujian Province, known as "South Gate" in Quanzhou, covers about 70% of the national import and export business of stone. However, the "ban on mining" issued by Shijing has caught stone companies looking for high-quality stone scraps at their doorsteps by surprise, and urgently needs to look at the global procurement of stone scraps, all of which can not be separated from the support of funds. On July 11, Nan'an Binhai Branch of Postal Savings Bank was established in Shuitou Stone Quality Center to provide better financial services for the local stone industry.

Stone industry: urgently in need of funds

Henglei Stone Craft Factory is located in Shijing, China's stone production base. After years of efforts, it has become a professional stone enterprise integrating mining, stone processing, trade, design and construction. Specializing in the production of a variety of domestic and foreign granite materials, composite panels, engineering panels, table panels, process stones and so on.

As a large stone processing plant, Henglei's orders are full every month, and all kinds of stone processing are in full swing. Into the company, we see a variety of granite, marble scrap and slab, different types of stone highlights the strength and charm of Henglei Stone Craft Factory.

While chairman Lin Tianyang is happy, he knows better that if he wants to see the sun the day after tomorrow, he must plan a new layout for tomorrow. High-capacity production requires a lot of inventory. The inventory of purchasing waste materials is not only cost but also profit. The price of stone market is one price a day, which makes Lin Tianyan pay more attention to the turnover of capital chain gold. At this point, bank information becomes more important. The time of fund raising also decides the profit margin of enterprise orders. Through various understandings, it is found that the "reciprocal loan" now launched by the Postal Savings Bank can help enterprises solve financing problems, and also can continue the operation of factories.

Coincidentally, Jiangxing Shi's Huangjiang Airlines also encountered the same problem. Inheriting his father's business, he always wanted to make Jiangxing Stone Industry bigger and stronger, but all the investments in buying raw materials and improving equipment should be backed up by funds. As Huang Jianghang said, "If the funds are not in place, the raw materials can not be supplied in time, and the processing can not be discussed. "More importantly, Jiangxing Stone intends to cooperate with well-known domestic property companies, and the guarantee of funds is indispensable.

Postal Savings Bank: timely injection of funds

Knowing this, Quanzhou Branch of Postal Savings Bank, adhering to the concept of "progress and synchronization with you", is moving forward. The first consideration is to set up a branch with special services for China Stone City to provide convenient services for the industry.

The orientation of coastal branch is characteristic branch. Its most distinctive product is "reciprocal lending". Most small and micro enterprises in Shuitou stone industry have simple production room structure and large capital demand. "Mutual Credit" provides timely financial flows for the local stone industry. Compared with other credit products, this mode is convenient and fast. On the one hand, it solves the characteristics of difficult mortgage of stone products, on the other hand, it also eliminates the difficulty that early enterprises could not handle real estate mortgage loan without real estate certificate.

Characteristic Alliance: Common Development

Postal savings funds promptly solved the procurement problems of Lin Tianyang and Huangjiang Airlines.

Three years ago, Lin Tianyang was deeply impressed by the high quality service of postal savings. During the product promotion meeting held by Binhai Branch, he learned that Dalian Bao's "reciprocal loan" is a convenient way to finance loans. He contacted Chen Donglin, the credit manager of Binhai Branch on his own initiative. In his introduction, Lin Tianyan is very optimistic about this financial product. So Lin Tianyang organized several enterprises to participate in joint insurance. A week later, they all got the credit quota of the Postal Savings Bank Binhai Branch.

With the bank loan is the most reasonable cost in the operation of enterprise capital. Five million yuan is not a large amount for Henglei Stone Enterprise, but it also solves the problem of temporary capital turnover. Lin always thinks that "with capital, you will have the bottom in your heart." "The reason is that this fund can not only satisfy the circulation funds of purchasing waste materials, but also can be used to renew production equipment and upgrade factories.

As a post-80s Huangjiang Airlines. Profound knowledge of channel is the truth of money channel, which should be handed in. Through the systematic evaluation and investigation of the coastal branch, Jiangxing Stone Industry joined this reciprocal loan to solve the problem of purchasing waste materials. Huangjiang Airlines successfully purchased stone waste materials.

Development is the absolute principle. The Postal Savings Bank timely aided the fund to give the stone industry good news and spread quickly. Soon more than 30 stone enterprises joined the "reciprocal loan" ranks of postal savings banks, raising nearly 80 million yuan. Wang Qiufen, president of Nan'an Binhai Branch, told reporters: "It is a challenge for Binhai Branch to start a reciprocal loan business, because this is a process of risk control. "If there are risks, we must make full preparations. After the Binhai Branch has obtained the approval from the head office to start the small and micro enterprises mutually guaranteed loan business on a pilot basis, Wang Qiufen will immediately arrange specialized agencies and personnel to track and understand the distribution of local industrial clusters, the information of industry concentration degree and the extension information of industrial chain of core enterprises, and strive to deepen and make a thorough understanding of the industry and clusters. Be realistic. It is reported that the "reciprocal loan" model of Binhai Branch is the first pilot project in our province, and it is possible to promote it to Huian, Anxi and Dehua.

The Postal Savings Bank has introduced characteristic banks according to local conditions and time conditions. Binhai Branch promotes the development of Nan'an Stone Industry, and the Stone Industry reacts to the upgrading of Binhai Branch. Characteristic Industries, Characteristic Banks and