Hand in Hand Creativity, Nan'an Stone Towards a New Height


On the 21st, the reporter walked into the Global Stone (Fujian) Co., Ltd. located in Shuitou Town, Nan'an City, as if walking in the stone art world. Within the exhibition hall of thousands of square meters, the stone sample houses with different styles, vivid stone mosaic patterns and various stone products made by modern technology are all too dazzling to see.

"The integration of stone, sculpture and Eastern and Western cultures is a great innovation in the contemporary stone industry. This work was highly praised at the Italian International Stone Exhibition, and many companies took the initiative to cooperate with us. This shows that in order to transform and upgrade the private stone enterprises, they must adhere to the spirit of stimulating the vitality and creativity of enterprises proposed at the Third Plenary Session of the Eighteenth Central Committee, keep on going on the road of innovation, and constantly achieve new leaps and bounds. Pointing to the stone carving murals of Qingming Shanghe Tu in the exhibition hall, Yu Jianzhong, Secretary of the Party branch of Universal Corporation, said.

After more than 20 years of development, Global has become a world-renowned stone enterprise based on high-end engineering market. The company has participated in the formulation of 28 national and industrial standards, drafted exclusively a series of standards for special-shaped building stone, and won the honors of China's well-known trademarks, state-level high-tech enterprises, and advanced to the first-class international decorative stone brands.

In recent years, under the multiple pressures of the international financial crisis and real estate regulation, the traditional growth mode of stone industry has not met the needs of market development. In order to open up the future development space, Universal promotes transformation and upgrading with innovation-driven, and seeks "second entrepreneurship".

"In the process of business adjustment, we have transformed from a product provider to a solution provider for decorative stone systems. Once a supplier of stone or rough products, more efforts have been devoted to creativity and value-added products. Because of this change, a batch of the same stones will generate several or even tens of times the profits of the original. Zhao Tongming, general manager of the company, said that as the first enterprise in the industry to set up a stone application Creative Industry Park and a stone application technology research platform, Universal Corporation is in the forefront of stone cultural creativity from the perspective of the demanders.

"The Third Plenary Session of the Eighteenth Central Committee clearly stated that both public and non-public sectors of the economy are socialist

An important part of the market economy is an important basis for China's economic and social development. We must unswervingly encourage, support and guide the development of non-public economy. These important statements, let our private enterprises once again eat the reassurance pill, but also more clearly defined the direction of development of transformation and innovation. Zhao Tongming said, "We will follow this direction and climb the new peak of the stone industry."

"It was proposed at the plenary session to stimulate the vitality and creativity of the non-public sector of the economy. This grasps the core issue of enterprise development. I think that only with creative and innovative ability, can we burst into vitality and reflect creativity. In the future, we will increase investment in design and R&D, accelerate the transformation of innovation, and let creativity and wisdom burst out with endless productivity. Yu Jianzhong.

How to further stimulate the vitality of private enterprises? Zhao Tongming believes that Quanzhou, as the most active region of private economy in Haixi and the pilot zone of financial reform, has flexible and preferential financing policies, which are welcomed by private enterprises. However, the real economy as a whole is still heavily taxed, and the financing of small and medium-sized private enterprises is still difficult compared with state-owned enterprises. We hope that financial institutions will give equal credit support to private enterprises. For the development of private enterprises, the government should not only improve the quality of service, but also further reduce the burden. In addition, if the strong technical strength of scientific research institutes can be closely combined with the flexible mechanism of private enterprises to achieve complementary advantages, the creativity of both sides will get unlimited release space.

Nan'an City has designated this year as the "Year of Innovation and Development" to guide private enterprises to achieve "second entrepreneurship" through innovation and transformation. In addition to Global Corporation, a number of leading enterprises, such as Dongsheng, Yingliang and Wanling, have also accelerated the pace of innovation and transformation and become industry benchmarks.