Bright Point Analysis of Stone Processing Market in China in the Next Two Years


In recent years, the rise of the stone market in the central and western regions has triggered a mining boom, and the hot sale of high value-added stone products has further driven the stone deep processing market. Nan'an Stone Machinery Enterprises are moving in a timely manner. While deep plowing the middle-end processing market, some additional mining machinery extends upstream; others extend downstream, aiming at stone deep processing equipment. When the tide of urbanization is about to open, they have already set up a market position for dividing shares.

It is undoubtedly the consensus of Nan'an stone equipment enterprises to build stone equipment suppliers in the whole industry chain or to focus on high value-added stone processing market.

Bright spot

Deep Processing of Stone

Helping Machinery Industry to Optimize Industry Chain

Speaking of stone machinery, we have to mention giant wheel machinery. From the beginning of this year, the giant ship will focus on mining machinery, intending to replace the traditional manual mining with new mechanical technology.

"In the past few years, the company's growth has doubled, but this year it may only grow by 30%. "Cai Jianhua, deputy general manager of Julun Machinery, told reporters that, as a representative enterprise in the field of deep-ploughing stone cutting machine, Julun has been trying to expand its brand influence, extend upstream and downstream to the industry, build a stone industry chain equipment supplier, and provide overall solutions for large and medium-sized stone enterprises in the past two years.

In recent years, with the change of mining mode, the market demand of mining machinery has been increasing sharply. At present, Juanshan is cooperating with Italian companies to discuss the development of mining machinery. "Next, the giant ship will start trial production of mining machinery products. According to the schedule, it may be available at the end of this year. Cai Jianhua said.

Founded in 2000, Xinzhengzhan Stone Machinery Co., Ltd. is an enterprise which specializes in deep processing equipment of stone, such as imitation railings, lines and cutting edges.

"Stone industry to now, in order to enhance the added value of products, deep processing is an inevitable trend. "Cai Shangdai, general manager of Xinzheng Exhibition, said. New Zhengzhan not only produces copying balustrade machine and line machine, but also operates some infrared bridge cutting equipment. However, in his view, deep processing equipment in the next few years will be popular with the special-shaped stone, ushering in a period of market explosion.

For this reason, since last year, Xinzhengzhan has cooperated with a well-known Italian stone machinery manufacturer to introduce a "five-axis engraving processing center" with the most advanced technology. "This processing center can be used for various stone deep processing operations, and achieves the top level at home and abroad in stiffness, accuracy, flexibility and so on. "Cai Shangdi introduced, however, machinery imported from abroad often encounter the problem of"acclimatization". At present, he is organizing technicians to revise the products, realize the localization of machinery, and further expand the scale to market.

Originally the main mining machinery of Shuinan machinery can not sit down. Prior to this, Shuinan Machinery once exported its products to more than 40 countries and regions, such as Australia, South Korea, Brazil, India and so on. It was favored by mining and stone processing industry. In recent years, the company has also slowly developed in stone processing technology, forming a mining and stone processing equipment market line.

According to Huang Songshu, who is in charge of marketing of Shuinan Machinery, they reorganized a brand of stone processing machinery, Heinde, last year. Next, they will build Heinde Group and merge Shuinan Machinery into the group operation.

Reporters learned that nearly 10 stone equipment enterprises, including giant wheel machinery, new Zhengzhan, Shuinan machinery and so on, have added stones to the whole industry chain machinery, intending to share in the 100 billion stone industry created by South China's security forces.

Bright spot

Providing personalized customized service for enterprises

With the new products in the market, Nan'an stone machinery also keeps up with the market demand and innovates the service mode.

"Look, this is the Wechat business group established by our company. When dealers meet with customers, they can directly feed back technical problems to the technical representatives in the group, and then organize the fortification as soon as possible. "Cai Jianhua picked up his mobile phone to demonstrate to reporters. According to his analysis, nowadays the market is no longer determined by the seller. Only by continuous independent innovation can enterprises develop continuously.

Cai Jianhua also disclosed that in order to get a better market, the company made full use of Wechat and other fast social networking platforms to open up business groups, management groups and technology groups, and feedback all kinds of problems to the corresponding groups in time to provide reference for company decision-making.

Cai Shangdi provides personalized customization services for enterprises. Last year, Shijing shut down the mine, many stone enterprises encountering "rice-free cooking" can only collect the corner materials from the mine to process the ball. These stone enterprises were originally processed by old-fashioned lathes, with only 5 production capacity per day at full capacity. New Zhengzhan has developed a disposable profiling ball machine according to customer needs. After putting into use, 25 spheres can be produced every day, which greatly improves the production efficiency of enterprises, and the products are also widely welcomed by the market.

Huang Qingwang, secretary-general of Nan'an Equipment Manufacturing Association, is deeply touched by this. He said that today's machinery and equipment manufacturing industry in Nan'an has a very fine division of labor, is closely following the market demand, and has been developing a number of new products.

Product innovation is inseparable from service follow-up. In October of this year, at the Stone Machinery and Tools Professional Committee held in Guiyang, the 350-450 and 500-600 full-automatic infrared bridge cutting machines of giant wheel machinery were awarded the "Quality and Service" Comprehensive Evaluation Award, and the company was also awarded the "Star Enterprise" of the industry.


Ten Billion Market for Deep Processing of Stone

Nan'an Stone Machinery Enterprises are making more and more strides, but how much market space can they tap? Before product R&D projects are established, these enterprises