The output value of stone industry cluster in Nan'an three towns in 2020 may reach 120 billion yuan


On the 12th, Nan'an held a special meeting to hear the report of the pilot project of the linkage development of the three coastal towns and the compilation of the master plan of the southern wing new town, and discussed the further improvement of the pilot project and the plan.

City leaders Huang Nankang, Wang Chunjin, Huang Yongjun, Dai Jingsheng, Lin Rongzhong, Yang Yuanzhi, Xu Qinrong, Cai Longqun, Huang Wenfu, Xue Jianming, Huang Jingyang, Deputy Director of Quanzhou Public Security Bureau and Director of Nan'an Public Security Bureau Zhuangwenbin attended the meeting.

In order to give full play to the regional linkage effect of the three towns along the coast of Nan'an, build an "international stone capital", further accelerate the integration and development of industry and towns, and promote the pilot construction of new urbanization with unique characteristics, Nan'an formulated a pilot scheme for the linkage development of the three towns along the coast, and formed a draft for consultation. The draft solicits opinions and puts forward that the overall integration of the three coastal towns will be the goal, focusing on accelerating the linkage between production and cities, taking pilot reform as the driving force, and promoting overall planning and implementation, village and town construction, industrial development and institutional innovation. By 2020, an institutional system will be formed to coordinate the urban and rural development of the three coastal towns. The linkage effect of industrialization and urbanization is obvious, and the spatial layout of cities and towns and infrastructure will be obvious. With the coordinated development of industrial development and people's livelihood security, the built area will reach 81.6 square kilometers, and the output value of stone industry cluster will reach 120 billion yuan. It will become a comprehensive industrial new city linking the city alliance of Xiamen, Zhangzhou and Quanzhou.

The planned South Wing New Town is composed of Guanqiao Town, Shuitou Town and Shijing Town. It will become the core part of Quanzhou's sub-central city, an important platform for the integration of Xiamen, Zhangzhou and Quanzhou, and an emerging industrial base near Quanzhou Port. In the planning, the south wing new town will dock Xiamen to the west, Quanzhou and Anhai Bay to the east, strengthen the regional corridor and hinterland links, optimize and arrange the space of stone industry, promote spatial integration by industry, realize regional facilities sharing, and realize the development goal of "International Stone Capital".

Huang Nankang, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, said that after further investigation, investigation and modification, the pilot project of production-city linkage in the three coastal towns and the planning of the new town on the southern wing had been relatively mature. He stressed that whether it is a pilot program or a planning formulation, the first thing is to formulate work objectives, collect opinions from all parties and put them into place in a timely manner. Secondly, we should make clear the location of regional spatial distribution, integrate population distribution, industrial development, ecological construction, port, culture and Taiwan construction, and make unified planning. We should make clear the direction of future development and focus on the dominant role while connecting Xiamen. We should intensify the reform efforts and broaden the reform ideas on the basis of the overall framework. Policies should be highly concentrated; regional development should be coordinated and planning projects should be controlled; leading groups should be set up to strengthen coordination and coordination and accelerate the effective implementation; detailed plans should be made to further modify and improve them, and division of labor among departments should be clarified, and time should be seized to make full use of the two tasks: pilot plans and planning.

Mayor Wang Chunjin said that the city master plan is the direction, train of thought and concept, which should be guided by the city master plan to do a good job in all aspects and highlight the cultural and tourism industry characteristics of southern Fujian. On the basis of the pilot plan, we should further modify and improve it, learn from the experience of other advanced regions, pool our wisdom and make a thorough study of the pilot plan and planning. Pushing forward vigorously, striving for a clear policy, docking Quanzhou clear direction, within the scope of existing policies and regulations, first try, actively find a breakthrough.